Creativity is the answer

Founded by Fatih Babaoğlu in teşvikiye-istanbul, 2007,  with the aim of architectural design services. The firm was restructured in 2010, with a sense of participatory management and execution in Akaretler-Maçka-istanbul. This participatory approach, as well as other architectural groups and disciplines in order, inter-office teams, which forms the basis for an efficient working environment. The core team of 10 architects  with a flexible organizational structure but at the same time has a structure that can change scale depending on needs. Up to this day, Fatih Babaoğlu mimarlık has created nearly 70 projects, totaling 900,000 square meters of indoor and outdoor space.

Fatih Babaoglu, Owner and Founder

Born in Istanbul (1979). Graduate of I.T.U (Istanbul Technical University) Department of Architecture (2000). Master degree from Architectural Design in I.T.U (2004). Have articles about Hotel-SPA Architecture and Science Fiction Movie Architecture. Continuing his professional work as a founder and owner of Fatih Babaoğlu Architecture.